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Track, manage, and pay all your debts in one place.






Put debt on autopilot with a plan personalized to you.

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Sign up with no impact to your credit score and instantly see how much you can save.

All your debts in one place

Make better decisions with all your balances, interest rates, and due dates in one place.

Pay smarter and save more

Automate on time payments and save hundreds in fees and interest charges annually.

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Why Otto?

Everything you owe in one place.

Otto brings all your balances, interest rates, and due dates into one view. Stay on top of what’s owed and how best to pay them.

Pay smarter and save more.

Get guided recommendations that will lower your overall interest expense and improve your credit score.

Boost your credit score fast and easy.

Our automated platform is proven to improve your credit score by targeting 3 key factors the make up 80% of your credit score.

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Real people, real progress.

No matter where you are on your credit journey, Otto can help you save on interest, improve your credit score, and get debt-free faster — all done (you guessed it) automatically.

Josh S.

“As someone with multiple credit cards and loans, Otto is a must have!! It shows me all the most important stuff and keeps me on time so I don't incur any late fees. Super easy and convenient."

Mike W.

“If you’re like me, knowing which debt to pay for optimal savings is super confusing. Otto told me exactly how much to pay to each account so I can save more. Love it!"

Lauren T.

“I had no idea that adding just $50 every month towards my student loans could save me over $10000 in interest! I'm finally starting to feel confident that I'm taking steps toward being debt-free.”

Simple, transparent pricing.

No ads, hidden fees, or shenanigans. Your data stays private, and we get to focus on building the best product for you.


per month

Free credit score and monitoring

Unlimited payments to all debts

AI-Driven recommendations

Late fee protection or your money back

Cashback rewards towards debt (coming soon)

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Your security is our priority

Your data is yours

We don’t share or sell your personal information, ever.

Serious security

We use 256-bit encryption to protect your data to our site.

We don't hold your money

Payments are passed directly to your lender. Otto never holds your money.


What is Otto?

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Imagine a world where your bills are automatically paid off in the optimal way to save you hundreds every year and get you debt-free 2-3x faster. Our mission is to make that a reality.

Otto is a financial health platform that combines debt management with payment automation to help people like you save more, improve their credit, and become debt-free faster.

How does it work?

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Otto uses machine-learning technology to automate debt payments in the optimal way to give you the best outcome. We look at your credit profile and determine the best way to allocate your payments to save you on interest and improve your credit score, fast.

We start by centralizing everything you owe into one dashboard.
Using your credit profile, Otto securely collects all available debt repayment information, simplifies it, and put's it into one easy-to-use app. No impact to your credit! 

We create you a custom plan to get debt-free.
Once you have all your balances, interest rates, and due dates in one place, Otto begins crafting you a personalized plan to deliver on your goals without you lifting a finger. Your OttoPlan is our way of helping you get debt-free, increase savings, and avoid fees all by making smarter payments.

We then automate the tedious activities to help you achieve your goals.
Once activated, your OttoPlan will add small extra payments to pay off high interest debt while making sure all bills are paid on time without overdrafts or late fees. Your OttoPlan is always working, so you can set it and forget it.

How do you save me money?

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Otto was designed around simple, proven financial practices that are well known and documented. The problem has always been keeping up with it because it’s always need a lot of manual work. Otto removed the complexity, guesswork and manual intervention by automating this for you. 

If you’re looking to save money, Otto will automatically pay extra towards your highest interest credit cards, saving you money with each payment. If you’re looking for a credit boost, Otto will target the accounts with the highest utlization and make sure you’re lowering those balance to give you a quick boost. 

Our system always adjusts to your habits and goals to make sure you’re always savings money and maintaining a strong credit score.

Are you a lender?

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Otto is not a lender and does not provide any loans or credit cards to help pay off debt. With Otto, you do not need to take on more debt to get you out of debt, we're focused on changing the way you pay through automation that is proven to save you money and get you out of debt fast.

We may, at times, recommend various providers who offer debt consolidation loans if that aligns with your goals and recommendations.

Will this affect my credit score?

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Otto only does a soft credit pull to gather your information and present it to you in a simple, easy-to-use app. There is no negative impact to your credit score.

How much does it cost?

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We aim to be super aligned with our members. So, our pricing is based on what YOU think is fair. It might sound crazy, but we think you should pay what you think is fair for Otto.

The lowest price that we need to charge to keep the lights on is $2.99 /month.

No ads, hidden fees, or shenanigans.
Your data stays private, and we get to focus on building the best product for you.


How exactly does Otto work?

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Why does Otto exist?

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How much does Otto cost?

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Why use virtual cards instead of my normal debit card?

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What can’t Otto pay for me?

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Is Otto like a Buy Now, Pay Later for bills?

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