Protect your money with virtual cards.

Whether you want to control subscription usage or ending free trials automatically, Otto’s virtual cards are perfect for any occasion.

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Create unlimited free virtual cards.

A virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number that’s digitally-generated and tied to a specific biller or website. Your virtual card works exactly the same as a normal debit or credit card, except it keeps your real card number protected, and gives you better control.

Prevent fees and control spend.

With a unique card for every biller, your better protected from overdraft charges, fraud, and late fees. You have the power to decide who can charge your card, how much, how often, with the ability to close a card any time.

Perfect for any use.


Bills and subscriptions

Set up these cards with custom limits and we’ll be sure they’re paid on-time, every month.

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Auto-expiring free trial cards

End free trials automatically with virtual cards that automatically close so you're never charged.

Features of virtual cards with Ottopay


Unique Card Numbers Per Biller

Because each virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number, you can turn cards on and off without it affecting your other expenses.

Manage Recurring Payments

By setting up a unique virtual card for each subscription, you can set a per month limit—and never worry about missing a payment or being overcharged for a subscription again.

Limit Spend Based on Budgets

Virtual cards pull from a budget, like all spending in Otto. So you always know exactly how much is spent (and can set a hard limit).

Instant Notifications

Whenever a virtual card is charged, you’ll get an instant notification of the amount, vendors, and how it affects your overall monthly budget.

Pause or Cancel with One-Click

Because each virtual card has a unique 16-digit card number, you can freeze or delete an individual virtual card any time—and leave the rest of your cards active.

Try Before You Buy Free Trials

Finally, try services without the fear of getting charged. Otto’s free trial cards are perfect for these type of subscriptions — protecting you from unwanted recurring charges.