The smarter way to pay off debt.

Otto is your personalized AI advisor that creates you a step-by-step plan to pay off your debts in the most efficient way. Built to save you thousands and grow your credit score. Get started in minutes. No credit check.

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Track, manage, and pay all your debts in one place.






Put debt on autopilot with a plan personalized to you.

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All your debts in one place

Make better decisions with all your balances, interest rates, and due dates in one place.

Pay smarter and save more

Automate on time payments and save hundreds in fees and interest charges annually.

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Why Otto?

Everything you owe, perfectly organized in one place.

Make better decisions with everything you owe in one clean dashboard. Monitor balances, interest rates, and due dates in real-time without logging into multiple websites and apps.

Always pay the perfect amount with proven strategies.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and guesswork. Follow proven strategies and we’ll recommend the most efficient payment for each account. Built to save you thousands and grow your credit score.

Take your credit score from good to great.

Monitor your credit score with daily alerts and get recommendations on how to improve without taking on additional debt.

20,000+ members who have said yes to a debt-free future.

No matter where you are on your credit journey, Otto can help you save on interest, improve your credit score, and get debt-free faster — all done (you guessed it) automatically.

Josh S.

“As someone with multiple credit cards and loans, Otto is a must have!! It shows me all the most important stuff and keeps me on time so I don't incur any late fees. Super easy and convenient."

Mike W.

“If you’re like me, knowing which debt to pay for optimal savings is super confusing. Otto told me exactly how much to pay to each account so I can save more. Love it!"

Lauren T.

"Otto determines the fastest and smartest way to pay down debt. Following Otto's strategy has saved me over $200 in 6 months."

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Serious security

We use bank-level encryption to ensure your data is protected and we never touch your money.


Pay what's fair, even $0

Otto is 100% free to use with a premium subscription for some features - you set the price!